Boston Beer Company (Boston Beer) is pleased to introduce the Promotional Allowance System (PAS). PAS makes it easy for you to do business with Boston Beer by submitting promotional discount invoices on-line. When you log onto PAS, your promotional allowance periods are displayed in a user-friendly format. Selecting a promotional period will allow you to view all products on promotion and the discount allowances offered.

Getting Started...
If you had an account on the previous PAS system, you may log in with the same username and password.
If you are a new user you must first register. To register, please click on the registration button and follow the displayed directions.

Auditing of Backup...
Boston Beer Company reserves the right to audit all invoices submitted via the PAS system. In order to expedite the payment process and take advantage of various on-line efficiencies, we have decided to eliminate the requirement to send supporting documentation at the time the invoice is submitted. We have implemented an audit plan where all invoices are subject to testing (within three (3) years of the invoice date). You will be notified that when an invoice(s) has been selected for testing. Upon notification, you will be required to forward all supporting documentation for our review. We consider five (5) business days to be a reasonable amount of time to allot for the gathering and sending of documentation. We reserve the right to block payment for processing of amounts due during the audit process, until all outstanding issues are resolved.

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